How to Balance Family Life and Career Growth as a Woman in Business

More women are embracing the need to have successful career paths while also maintaining a wonderful family. This is a great step that has shown that as a woman, you can achieve more and handle different tasks without limiting yourself.

However, doing this requires a certain balance to ensure that you are equally involved in both worlds. This will help you avoid the feeling associated with giving more to one part of your life and neglecting the others.

Work-life balance for women can be tricky when it comes to implementation but it is doable with the right initiative. To achieve a healthy balance in your life as a career woman, here are a few things you should do. 

Get into Planning Your Days

As career women, it is essential to take up the practice of planning your day’s tasks daily. Take this up and make it a habit. Planning your days will help you structure your time and ensure that you are using it wisely.

It is a simple but incredible time management tool to take up. It will help you determine which tasks are more important and differentiate them from those that can be left for later.

This will be a great way to have a clear schedule with an estimated amount of time you’ll be spending at work. This will allow you to free up time to spend on yourself and with your loved ones. 

Learn to Delegate

In business, the delegation of certain tasks and duties is essential especially when it comes to advancing in a career. Delegating tasks will free up your time and allow you to focus on more important aspects either at work or in your personal life.

Additionally, when working with different professionals, you’ll find that your work improves significantly. This is because you’ll be utilizing the right expertise for the different tasks required.

When it comes to working on different tasks to advance your business, it is quite hard to delegate tasks. This is mainly because there’s a fear of other people not doing the work as accurately as you would. However, this is unfounded, and with the right guidance, your tasks will be completed exactly as you’d like. 

Set Boundaries

One of the best career-advise for women is that setting clear boundaries in the different parts of life is essential. This is mainly because mixing the different parts of your lives will leave you worn out and exhausted.

It is important to ensure that when you leave work to go home, that you can fully relax and be present with your family and friends. Having boundaries will give you a clear distinction to ensure that you don’t mix yourself up.

Additionally, it will also help your workmate or boss understand that when you’re not at work, you’ll not be available for impromptu assignments and meetings. 

Develop Systems to Keep you in Check

Motivation is crucial in different stages of your career as a woman. There will come a time when you feel like you are neglecting your family and giving everything to your work.

However, instead of quitting it is better if you took the time to evaluate the situation and find ways to improve it. For this, you need to have systems set up that will help remind you that all is not lost and that you can find solutions to different problems.

These could be sticky notes clearly and strategically positioned in your workstation and also at home. The sticky notes could include different affirmations or motivational quotes. This will help you work towards achieving your work-life balance. 

Reduce Distractions

Distractions especially at work will affect your performance and force you to work extra hours to compensate. The time taken to compensate for the work not done will lead to lost family time that you would have had.

This is why you need to ensure that all the distractions are addressed to avoid slacking at work. It will help improve your productivity and also allow you to free up time to get home to your family or take time to yourself. 

Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

As a career woman with great ambitions and plans and goals that need to be realized, you may slack on your healthy habits. This is understandable given the busy schedule you are keeping to work and also be there for your family.

However, this is the wrong path to take given the implications it may have. Without paying attention to your health, you may burnout and slow down your productivity at work. This will also trickle down to the energy you bring home and the time you have to spend with your family will be limited.

To avoid this, take the time to get to the gym and get in a workout or walk to work daily. Also, observe the food you eat and ensure that they are nourishing and healthy.

Lastly, ensure that you get enough sleep to give you the necessary energy to face your daily tasks. With this, you’ll find the perfect balance and have time for both family and work. 

Practice Essentialism

Essentialism is a practice that involves saying no when the need arises. As a career woman, it is normal to want to do your best at work to get recognized and move up the ranks. This is where you find that you are given a project to work on over the weekend completely last minute without any consultation.

If you took up this project, you’d limit the family time you are used to during the weekend. However, with essentialism, you’ll be in a position to analyze the situation.

Consider whether the project is essential, cannot be done by someone different, and cannot be postponed to a working day. If you find that it is not essential and can easily be completed by a colleague, be kind to yourself and say no to the assignment. 

Embrace the Use of Technology

With the rise of technology, a lot of things and activities are becoming easier. This is mainly because technology is designed to bring ease of service and expand our abilities and expertise.

As a working woman, depending on the field you are in, you can now easily work remotely from home or wherever you wish. If you want to stay home often, embracing technology is the best way to go.

When working remotely, you can set your hours of when you’ll work and dedicate the rest to your family life. This is a great way to balance both family and career life. 


When it comes to working towards leading a balanced life as a career woman, it can be a bit daunting. Society has placed certain expectations on women being designed to be the perfect homemakers.

Granted, that is true, but there is more than a woman can do including having a successful career in any field. The only issue comes in when finding the balance between family and career life. With the tips provided, you should be in a position to start working on your perfect balance and achieve it.

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