Designer Clothes: Why You Should Consider Buying Them


You’ve seen them in fashion magazines, in music videos, in high-grossing movies, clothes that are so unique and so rare that they simply blow your mind. The designer clothes phenomenon has been around for as long as humans started monetizing clothing, and this has created an obsession among people who would do anything just to be seen rocking one, even when they cost an arm and a leg.

This then begs one fundamental question. What is the big deal with designer clothes, and why should you consider buying them? The following are some reasons worth considering.

Good Fashion Sense

Designer clothes are a good way of showing the world how wide your fashion sense range goes. The ability to combine the right colors and fabrics is an underrated talent that only a few people possess, and designer clothes are the best ways to bring that out.

By wearing different types of attire for each occasion, you are communicating to the world that you are meticulous about the appropriateness of dressing for each occasion without missing. This is how people end up making a name for themselves became the world will never ignore a well-dressed individual who knows how to match everything to perfection.

They are Quality

Not everything that is expensive is quality, but with designer clothes, that principle does hold. Fashion houses that make designer clothes never hold anything back; they use the best materials they can find to make some of the most high-quality apparel that fit the body just right and last you for ages.

Designer clothes don’t fade nor stretch, with the right maintenance, you can rock that shirt for years without showing any sign of aging, and what’s more, you can still sell it off at a higher price if it is regarded as vintage.


With designer clothes, there’s absolutely no chance that you will bump into someone else wearing clothes similar to yours. The reason here is very simple; designer clothes are limited when it comes to production. Only a few of them are made, and this is for the sole purpose of driving their price up.

When you make something scarce, it becomes unique, and this increases its value. Therefore, you can wear your designer jacket how you want, knowing very well that there will not be another soul within a 1000 mile radius with anything resembling that.


The biggest problem with street fashion clothes is that you can never find clothes that blend well into each other in the long run. They are usually random pieces that may match in color but are still disjointed. This is not a problem with designer clothes.

There’s some high level of detail and consistency when it comes to styling, and this helps you stand out from the rest of the people. Once you pick a designer brand, you can find everything you need for every occasion in your life, and this makes it easy for you to create an identity that is unique to you and you only.

They are Stylish

You always know designer clothes when you see them; you don’t even have to be told. One look is all it takes. They simply look better, feel rich to touch, and the wearer usually gets this sophisticated air about them that makes everyone notice them immediately.

Designer clothes may not be sold in huge numbers, but they make up for the lack of quantity with quality. Standing out among other people is a good feeling, especially for people who love basking in the limelight.

Social Status

Thanks to social media, there’s a huge status symbol that’s associated with designer clothes. All you have to do to become an internet sensation is to be seen rocking any type of designer wear. The reason behind this is tied to their prices, anyone who can afford designer clothes is automatically seen as rich, and as you know, money does make the world go round.

People who wear designer clothes understand this very well, and this is why they never hesitate to flaunt that to the public every chance they get.

Increases Range

Having a mix of designer clothes and ordinary ones is a good way of increasing your fashion range. By switching up and down every so often, you get to create a unique persona around you that further improves your standing in the eyes of people, especially those who are critical of how people dress.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to get a few designer clothes in your wardrobe next to your casual wear. It pays to reinvent your look every few days.

They are the Right Fit 

On most occasions, designer clothes are made for a specific person. This means that you go in, get measured, and have something made to your specific measurements. This has the effect of making clothes fit your body so well, enhancing their overall look. Compared to street fashion, where finding clothes that fit depends on luck, the luxury of wearing clothes that fit you in the right way is one many people would want to experience. But that comes at a cost, unfortunately.


Simply put, designer clothes never disappear. Considering the quality of their nature that gives them unparalleled longevity, even if you happen to outgrow them or find the need to get new ones, you can always have them around as collectibles.

Designer brands are known for making limited editions of their products, and being the proud owner of a clothesline that’s owned by a handful of people is a flex that very few people can enjoy. The best part of all this is that, with time, these collectibles can fetch you a lot of money since fashion tends to come around every few decades.

It Sustains the Industry

The fashion industry is diverse, and it serves a lot of people. However, there’s no sector of the industry that brings in more money than designer clothes makers. The revenue from this sector alone is enough to support a wide range of individuals from designers, manufacturers, and models who play a role in making sure people are able to get their hands on unique types of clothes.


Considering the nature of the materials used in making designer clothes and the time the creators take in making one garment, these clothes are simply made to last you a lifetime. Most are actually hand-stitched, and this gives them extra strength than what you would expect to find in normal clothes.

Another advantage to this durable nature is the possibility of you recouping part of your money by later selling them. Since they don’t fade or get torn easily, you can actually sell them at prices way higher than what you bought them for. This would actually work better for you if you hold on to them for long and sell them as a vintage collection.


Designer clothes will continue to be part of the fashion industry, and people will always find ways to afford them. However, due to the pressure of appearing unique and gaining some social status, people have resorted to buying knockoffs, and this has been hurting the industry a great deal. If you choose to go down this path, make sure you only buy genuine products.


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